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Lease up

sample imageFirst We conduct a thorough market analysis of your market area to determine the optimal price for your needs. 

Second We aggressively promote your property throughout the region to ensure top rents and minimal vacancy loss.  Our in-house design team guarantees a high level of attention and leasing activity.

Third We use our proprietary leasing forms to ensure your interests are in line with local and state laws.


Apartment ConversionsPremarketing We asses your properties' current condition and if appropriate, project manage the repairs bringing it to rentable standards designed to achieve your financial goals. 

Ongoing We conduct periodic inspections of your property to make sure it is being taken care of appropriately.  If issues arise we send in our team of maintenance professionals to resolve the problem as quickly and cost effectively as possible.


Monthly You will receive a detailed monthly statement outlining the rents received and any expenses.

Annually You will receive a detail of all cash inflows and outflows for tax reporting purposes.

Reporting We will be in constant communication with you regarding all aspects of your property including initial lease up, maintenance issues, and periodic inspections.

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sample image Columbia Property Management - Seattle is the leader in residential property management, rental property management and investment property management. Serving both King and Snohomish counties, we offer worry-free, full-service property management to property owners interested in leasing their houses, condominiums, and multi-family properties in the Greater Seattle / Bellevue region. Please contact us for a free in-person consultation, and learn more about the residential property management services we can provide.


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Apartment research firm Dupre + Scott semiannual survey of 2,163 properties
  • The vacancy rate has only been this low once before since 1980.

  • Developers opened almost 4,000 units in the past six months.

  • You have to go back 20+ years to find production anywhere near that level.