Experience in Today's Market

Single Family Homes

greenlakeBuying a home today is different than just 3 years ago. In addition to regular homeowners selling their homes, the market is flooded with Short Sales and Bank Owned properties. As a buyer or a seller, it is important to work with an agent who understands how these homes affect the market.

 The number one thing We've learned from our customers is they really appreciate clear, honest communication.   When selling, We deliver comprehensive calendars of all the marketing activities that will occur.  We preview the latest on the market so you can get that gem when it just hits the market. We don't just send my clients pictures, As the saying goes;  pictures only tell half of the story.

Do you appreciate a customer focused professional that "gets it" ?


leading technologyA condominium purchase is considerably more complex than a single family home purchase primarily because in addition to your condo airspace, you are purchasing a percentage share in a corporation that owns the common areas like grounds, amenities, roof, decks, and exterior walls.

Every condominium sale in Washington State is governed by the “Condominium Act” that states among other things that purchasers must be given an opportunity to review the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Covenants, Declaration, Rules and Regulations,  and Budget.  We are extremely knowledgeable of the Condominium Act and know what kind of problems to look for when purchasing in a condominium.

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passionIntegrity, honesty, and hard work; that is what has kept me in business for over 10 years.  We are rewarded only when my customers are satisfied.  The greatest testimony to my success is when one of my customers refers one of his or her friends or family to me because of the positive experience they had.

Brett is originally from North Dakota.  Kristin is from Spokane.  Brett earned his Business degree and Kristin earned her Psychology degree from the University of Washington.    We have two boys, William and Matthew.  We enjoy both the discipline and flexibility our real estate careers afford us.  We work hard while maintaining balance, for it has been said; "The better part of ones life consists of his friendships".     

Isn't it  great to work with people you genuinely like to spend time with?